Roseanne Tan

- Strong sense of design, shape, composition, contrast, and color. 

- Strong understanding of animation principles such as Squash and Stretch, anticipation, follow through, etc.

- Strong understanding of human anatomy, gesture, and construction

- Experienced with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects for animation.


Illustrator, BLT & Associates; Los Angeles, CA – 2013
Illustrated movie posters, cardboard cutouts and theatre decorations for advertising. Cleaned up concept illustrations and storyboards for both animated and non-animated feature films. 

Concept Artist, Visual Storm LLC; San Bernardino, CA – 2012 - Present
Created key art illustrations, helped with conceptualizing and storyboarding show intro pitches, and created various graphic assets. 
Clients include ESGN and LA Kings.

Graphic Designer, Hero Level Productions; Rancho Cucamonga, CA – 2012 - 2014
Worked with a production team in creating graphic packages and web assets for eSports live tournaments and online broadcasting. Also created illustrations for award trophies and for various in-house productions. 
Clients include, Blizzard Entertainment, DreamHack and North American Star League.

Animator & Storyboard Artist, Über Content; Los Angeles, CA – 2011
Animated narrative animation for the award-winning documentary feature film, Amazon Gold. Directed by Rueben Aaronson and Produced by Matthew Celia.

Animator & Storyboard Artist,  Lily Films; Los Angeles, CA – 2011
Worked with a team of animators in creating whimsical watercolor animations for the documentary feature film, Symphony of the Soil. Directed and Produced by Deborah Koons.

Clean-up Animator, Erick Oh; Los Angeles, CA  – 2010
Worked as a clean up animator for Erick Oh’s multiple award-winning short animation film, Heart.

Animation Filmography:
  • "A Fishy Predicament", 2010
          Won "Best in Show", RCC Animation Showcase Fall 2010

  • “Maybe Fire”, 2010
            Closing animation during film screening at the 2nd Bi-annual RCC Animation Showcase

  • “Hanami”, 2009
             Won "Honors Exhibition Award in Animation", Spring 2010 

             Closing animation during film screening at the1st Bi-annual RCC Animation Showcase

References will be available upon request